Does your business regularly check its credit score to make sure all is well on the report? Although you may think of your business credit score as an afterthought, if you include it in your usual financial checks at all, this score can actually make a major difference in several key aspects of your business. Your company’s credit score can impact your ability to take out future loans, get good interest rates and more. If you’re still not totally convinced, take a look at these key reasons your company needs to start tracking its credit score on a regular basis.

It Can Alert You To Potentially Inaccurate Reports

One of the most crucial reasons to check your company’s credit score regularly is that in some cases, inaccurate or false items could show up on your report. This may be due to fraud or error. In either case, it’s important to spot those false items as soon as possible to request your removal. If they remain on your credit report erroneously, it could lower your business’s overall score and harm your chances of securing future financing.

It Can Help Motivate You To Improve Your Score

Even if you feel good about the current state of your company’s finances, it can’t hurt to work on improving your credit score. Knowing what the score is can help keep you motivated and on target. You can slowly improve the score over time if you:

  • Pay your bills on time or early
  • Reduce overall company debt
  • Avoid taking out more loans than necessary
  • Use only a small portion of available credit lines

It May Help Your Business in the Long Run

Lastly, keep in mind that having a good credit score is a key component in maintaining strong business finances in the long run. Keeping an eye on your credit score could help you to:

  • Understand who may have submitted inquiries about your business
  • Stay vigilant about potential theft
  • Keep an eye on new changes listed on the report
  • Help you boost your score over time
  • Help you prepare to apply for future loans and credit lines

Even if you’ve taken it for granted so far, regularly checking your business credit score can help you prevent fraud, request the removal of inaccurate items from your company credit report, motivate you to improve your score and help your company secure better loans with better terms in the future. If you’re not already tracking your company’s credit score, now could be the ideal time to start. It could make more of a difference to your company’s finances than you think.