Working in the hospitality industry can be challenging, as customer demands can exceed what some consider rational and appropriate. However, hotel management doesn’t have to be a dreaded field. It is a role that allows for creativity and innovation to present the customer with an experience they will never forget. Working to manage all of the moving parts and pieces can get tricky, so here are some tips to help your increase your efficiency.

  1. Bring in the power of technology. While some may see the advent of technology as a new layer of chaos in their routine, incorporating specialized software or media platforms can alleviate many of the burdens associated with data tracking, lead generation and finances.
  • Capitalize on any and every lead. Your website will be a prime gleaning ground for new clients. Perhaps those who are simply browsing for options need a follow-up to nudge them into making a decision. Be sure your website includes retargeting tools to make this a reality.
  • Social media attention only happens if you are note-worthy. It seems everyone is sharing their life and adventures through social media, but the real attention-getters are when something stands out. Be sure your hotel grabs attention through its scenic décor or seasonal displays. Offer creative and unique hashtags for guests to use, and make sure it is displayed in the lobby, rooms, recreational space and brochures.
  • Let your successes be heard. So often people are willing to share their negative experiences, and these can often be the only attention your hotel is getting. As a member of your hotel management, make it a point to collect stories of your successes and promote them on your website, social media accounts and even travel brochures. Use taped interviews to make the experience more relatable and interesting.
  • Look for partnerships with local businesses. What better way to grow your client base than with the help of those who are local. Partner with area companies by offering great rates for company business stays, but you could also reach out to area restaurants for unique opportunities. Get creative and explore the needs of your community.
  • Stay current with hospitality trends. Every industry will undergo changes over time, and staying on top of current trends keeps you fresh for new clients.

Hotel management positions are a unique opportunity to create a wonderful experience for clients and guests from all over the world. Use these tips to make your job easier!