Although many people believe that the ability to influence others is due to innate talent, inherited prestige, or inordinate wealth, this is not really true. In fact, the ability to influence is a skill that you can cultivate. Here are the key steps to help you accomplish this.

Fully Engage with Others

One of the vital aspects of influencing others is understanding them, which involves focused and active listening. If you seem to be self-absorbed and distracted, you will not gain anyone’s trust, but if you take the time to grasp the emotional factors that drive others, you can influence them.

Ask Questions

The best way to understand the motivations of people you are attempting to influence is to ask them open-ended questions. Realizing why people feel compelled to do things will assist you in influencing them.

Teach Lessons

You can persuade others to make the right decisions through inspirational teaching. People often respond best to analogies, metaphors, stories, and examples of personal experiences with which they can relate. After you have shared techniques on how to make constructive choices, encourage them to find answers that fit their specific situations.

Engender Trust

Before you steer people towards desirable outcomes, you have to create an atmosphere of trust. This is only achieved by consistency in building genuine rapport and concern. They have to know that you sincerely want to help them.

Admit Weaknesses

It is a mistake to point out the mistakes and weaknesses of those you are trying to motivate. However, be upfront in exposing your own. If you are straightforward about any suspicions they may have, you will enhance your credibility and allay their concerns.

Provide Encouragement

A large part of influencing others involves constantly encouraging them to accept challenges, push further, and persevere despite setbacks and mistakes. Provide encouragement to help people accomplish more and access their full capabilities.

Offer Praise

Praise is of utmost importance in influencing people. Be generous with your praise, but always be sure that your praise is sincere and well-founded.