Startups teach you a lot. Here are 10 lessons from other startups that you may experience as you create your startup.

You might feel weird.

In some places, people may wonder why you would want to take the risk of a startup. You may need to defend your choice. Don’t worry, that will give you more confidence in what you’re doing.

You’re not alone.

People around the world are creating startups. Talk to other entrepreneurs to get information, advice, and support.

You need to make money.

If you’re creating a startup, you need to make money. Your startup is a business. You need to make money instead of working for free.

Working alone is hard.

You may not be alone in entrepreneurship, but you may spend many hours working alone on your project. Get some good people around you to help push you forward when times get tough.

Keep up with your mental health.

Being an entrepreneur takes its toll on your mind and body. Practice self-care, whatever that means to you.

Acknowledge failure and learn from it.

You’re going to fail. Instead of throwing in the towel, pull yourself back up and figure out how not to fail.

Startups are about your mindset, not your skills.

Startups are startups for a reason. You may be experienced in business, but you’ve never created a business like this out of thin air. You’ll need a good mindset to keep moving forward.

You’ll need empathy.

You can’t connect with customers, vendors, employees, and investors without empathy.

You’ll get self-awareness.

Creating a startup will teach you a lot about yourself. Enjoy the journey.

Startups remind you of the importance of relationships.

From the relationships you make with your customers to the relationships you come home to at the end of the day, a startup reminds you of the importance of people.

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